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Welcome everyone to my 2023 SANS Holiday Hack Challange write-up based on Holiday Hack 2023 Challanges!.

There are 3 main sections. The page which contains introduction, answers and all extras found during this journey! Extras section contains Bonus and Easter eggs.

I had oportunity to create GPT Apps using ChatGPT which helped me out during investigations of phishing mails in Phish Detection Agency and AI Halucinations in Reportinator. Artificial intelligence proved instrumental in solving puzzles during various missions including Missile Diversion. ChatGPT was employed to develop code for automating fishing activities Bonus , utilizing WebSockets technology.


This year we have been situated across sea encompassing five distinct islands.

Christmas Island⚓︎

  • Orientation
  • Frosty's Beach
  • Santa's Surf Shack
  • Rudolph's Rest Resort
  • Resort Lobby

Island of Misfit Toys⚓︎

  • Scaredy Kite Heights
  • Ostrich Saloon
  • Squarewheel Yard
  • Tarnished Trove

Film Noir Island⚓︎


  • Chiaroscuro City
  • Gumshoe Alley PI Office
  • The Blacklight District

Pixel Island⚓︎

  • Rainraster Cliffs
  • Driftbit Grotto

Steampunk Island⚓︎

  • Brass Bouy Port
  • Coggoggle Marina
  • Rusty Quay

Space Island⚓︎

  • Spaceport Point
  • Cape Cosmic
  • Zenith SGS


1. Holiday Hack Orientation -


2. Snowball Fight -


5. Azure 101 -

Great, you did it all!

7. Linux PrivEsc -


8. Faster Lock Combination -

Lock open

9. Game Cartridges: Vol 1 -

Fixed QR code

10. Game Cartridges: Vol 2 -


11. Game Cartridges: Vol 3 -


12. Na'an -


13. KQL Kraken Hunt -

Beware the Cube that Wombles

15. Hashcat -


16. Elf Hunt -

Score 75 points

17. Certificate SSHenanigans -


18. The Captain's Comms -

10426:HZ, 1224L:MMDD, 1200:HHMM

20. Space Island Door Access Speaker -

Doors open

21. Camera Access -

Conquer Holiday Season!

22. Missile Diversion -

SQL Update completed.



A tale of a yuletide trip
That started from a tropic port,
Aboard this tiny ship
Santa and his helpful elves
To Geese Islands did go
Continuing their merry work
O'er sand instead of snow
New this year: a shiny tool
The elves logged in with glee
What makes short work of many tasks?
It's ChatNPT. It's ChatNPT
From images to APIs
This AI made elves glad
But motivations were unknown
So was it good or bad?
Could it be that NPT
Was not from off-the-shelf?
Though we'll forgive and trust again
We'd found a naughty elf
This fancy AI tool of ours
With all our work remained
Not good or bad, our online friend
Just did as it was
Surely someone's taint must be
Upon our AI crutch
Yes indeed, this bold new
Bore Jack Frost's icy touch
Though all's returned to steady state
There's one thing that we know
We'll all be needed once again
When Santa's back on snow

Appreciation is extended to the entire team for their continued commitment to bringing fun challenges each year!

Group photo