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Snowball Fight⚓︎

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Visit Christmas Island and talk to Morcel Nougat about this great new game. Team up with another player and show Morcel how to win against Santa!

Morcel Nougat

Hey there, I'm Morcel Nougat, elf extraordinaire!
You won't believe this, but we're on a magical tropical island called Christmas Island, and it even has snow!
I'm so glad ChatNPT suggested we come here this year!


The initial phase involved interacting with web application to analyze underlying technologies. This analysis swiftly revealed that we are interacting with JS.


The DOM is an object-oriented representation of the web page, which can be modified with a scripting language like JavaScript. Each element in an HTML document is represented as a node in the DOM tree. This tree structure allows developers to access and manipulate HTML elements in a hierarchical manner.

In the subsequent phase, we inspected frame where game was loaded. This examination of different elements lead to discovery of window.player node. Manipulating window.player.body.height lead to situation that model was so tinny and it was unbeatable. Additionally window.playersHitBoxSize was also providing similar results. To aid speed of throwing snowballs use: window.player.throwDelay=1.


Snowball Super Hero

Its easiest to grab a friend play with and beat Santa but tinkering with client-side variables can grant you all kinds of snowball fight super powers. You could even take on Santa and the elves solo!

Consoling iFrames

Have an iframe in your document? Be sure to select the right context before meddling with JavaScript.


Terminal output


Code blocks⚓︎





Morcel Nougat

You're like a snowball fighting ninja! A real-life legend. Can I have your autograph!?