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Space Island Door Access Speaker⚓︎

Direct link: Objective URL



There's a door that needs opening on Space Island! Talk to Jewel Loggins there for more information.

Jewel Loggins

What are you doing here, and who are you?
Me first? I'm Jewel Loggins. And I was trekking through the jungle and happened to find this place.
I liked this spot and decided to set up camp. Seeing you here is quite the surprise.
Well, because the only other person I've ever seen come here is Wombley Cube.
I thought this tram station in the middle of the jungle was strange to begin with, but then Wombley added to the intrigue.
I guess all this spy stuff is typical for him, so maybe I shouldn't think much of it. I'm sure everything's fine.
Every time he comes here, he says something to the speaker. Then, the door opens, and he rides the tram somewhere.
I gave it a try, but the door didn't open for me. Knowing Wombley, it's some kind of secret passphrase.
If you wanna see where the tram goes, I think you need to find out what that passphrase is.
Ribb Bonbowford over at Coggoggle Marina on Steampunk Island works with Wombley. Try asking if he knows.
I hope you find it. I'll be here when you get back!


MFA: Something You KnowSynthesis is the True Ending

Wombley says a specific phrase into the Access Speaker. He works in the Research Department and everything they do it super secret, so it may be a challenge to find out what the phrase is. Ribb also works in that department. Try to find and ask him.

MFA: Something You Are

It seems the Access Speaker is programmed to only accept Wombley's voice. Maybe you could get a sample of his voice and use an AI tool to simulate Wombley speaking the passphrase.


Now we are situated on Space Island where we need to pass first challange to access SGS Station. To do this we need to record audio which will mimic Wombley, for that we will use online service recommended by Santa :)

Access speaker

Let's create new file using PlayHT. As source audio we will use Audiobook shared by Wombley.

We will also insert text from previous challenge.

Access speaker

After uploading file we are allowed to enter train station and travel to SGS

Access speaker


Insert the answer to the objective here.


Jewel Loggins

What, you know the passphrase!? Let me try it!
Nope, didn't work. Knowing Wombley, the passphrase isn't the only requirement. He's all about that MFA!
Oh yeah, multi-factor authentication! The passphrase for something he knows, and his voice for something he is!
That's it! You need to be Wombley. You need his voice. Now, how are you gonna get that?
Since only us elves can get a subscription to use ChatNPT, try searching for another AI tool that can simulate voices. I'm sure there's one out there.